SIVIS Role Reference Manager

The SIVIS Reference Manager is using over 1000 predefined roles which can be customized to fit the requirements of your company. For the standardization of your SAP authorizations you have access to a high number of field-tested workplaces.

Your Advantages

No matter if single process steps like paying suppliers or whole workplaces, such as a purchaser – with the Reference Manager you will always find a valid model for your role concept. No matter if you seek for a new concept or if you want to rework an existing part.

SAP Rollenvorlagen

Minimizing the administrative effort

The Role Manager has over 1000 predefined role templates which can be adapted to the desired requirements for your company.

Pre-defined work places

How it used to be: The setup of a new authorization concept costed a lot of blood, sweat and tears – The Role Reference Manager gives you a peek into the future. The implemented reference roles make the alignment of roles and work places a cakewalk. The created authorization concept offers pre-defined and standardized work places- granular and transparent.

SAP Rollenvorlagen
SAP Rollenvorlagen

Basis of future roles and systems

Up to date and expandable- the features of the configured authorization concept by our Role Manager. You will be super happy with it, as it offers a stable basis for future roles and systems.